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Online Marketing Today

Once upon a time, small business marketing involved putting up a sign and taking out an ad in that large yellow book. Those days are long gone. Even having a good website isn’t enough anymore. More smartphones are bought each year than computers. More searches are done on Facebook than on Google. Nearly all consumers use online methods to find what they want to buy. The Influence Engines guide them in choosing a business from which to buy.

Social Media Marketing Is Key

It’s not just the medium that’s changed, it’s also the message. Marketing is no longer a one-way broadcast, it’s become a conversation, and customers expect to have a relationship with the businesses that they support. That relationship requires frequent contact—something that most businesses should welcome.

How's Your Mobile Marketing?

So how are you doing in the online influence engines? Does your social media strategy keep you in touch with your customers without being intrusive? When a new prospect searches for your product or service on their phone, do they find your mobile-friendly web page? If you need help here, you’re not alone. This stuff is new and it’s not your core business. Check out our site to discover how we can help you maintain a good, healthy, profitable online relationship with your customers without distracting you from your own core business. Finding and keeping in touch with your customers is our core business.