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Eating My Own Dog Food, Installment 1

Does the Influence Engines Optimization System Really Work?

Good question, one that I wanted to answer for myself too. So I thought, "I have a new business and a new web site. I'll bet it ranks pretty low on the Influence Engines Report. What if I do the actions and see what happens to my score?"

Not such an unreasonable thing to do, I think. After all, I want my site to rank well and I want my prospects to find me online, so why wouldn't I do for myself what I am offering to do for you? I'll probably accelerate the process a bit so we don't have to wait months to see the results, but other than that I'm going to do the actions and see what happens.

May I Have the Envelope, Please?

And the winner is... One. That's right, one. My Influence Engines Score right now, as I write this blog entry, is one. That's the bottom. It doesn't get any worse than that. So I'm going to be able to show you exactly what it takes to move a site up the ladder. Stay with me, this is going to be fun!
Posted By: admin on June 2, 2011 at 5:03 pm
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